Team CoBa

Tori Williams Douglass

Host of White Homework

Tori is an activist, writer, speaker and anti-racism educator. As a youngster growing up in Portland, she noticed a very clear racial disparity. While getting her young children screened for autism, her interest in working in neuroscience was piqued and she got a job at a neuroscience lab. During her time in the lab, she began to connect the dots on racial disparities, her love of history and neuroscience. These connections led to the creation of White Homework, an antiracism resource for those Dr. King referred to as “People of Goodwill” – those who want to do the work of justice but don’t know where to start. During non-pandemic times, you can find Tori with her kids roaming around Powell’s Books, hiking in the Columbia Gorge or on any of Portland’s running trails.

Nate Frazier

Executive Producer @CoBa | Host of Coffee With Nate

Maybe you follow him and his #communitybaby posts on Twitter. Maybe you’ve wanted to grab a cup of coffee with him. For whatever reason, you’ve resisted reaching out to Nate Frazier, a.k.a. the People’s Champion. Well, here’s your chance – Coffee With Nate is a community-focused podcast that’s literally no different than Nate sitting down at Deadstock Coffee or Push X Pull with one of his homies. How does he describe it? “Come have coffee with a goofy ass knucklehead and his friends!” That works, too.

Jeffrey Martin

Executive Producer @CoBa & Co-Host of Managing Partners

Jeffrey Martin is an executive producer and host for the CoBa Network. He brings the perspective of a journalist to CoBa, having served as a sportswriter (USA Today, The Oregonian, Houston Chronicle and more) for nearly two decades. He’s also the co-founder of Clarity Content, a boutique creative agency specializing in crafting compelling messages and programs for all platforms. He’s passionate about story as well as community, so this is a perfect fit.

Jillian Cohan Martin

Co-Host of Managing Partners

As comfortable with details as she is with big-picture concepts and strategy, Jillian excels at solving communications problems for her clients. Her work has won regional and national awards, yet she is most proud of projects that foster collaboration, inclusivity, clear communication and trust. Jillian learned to write and edit on deadline as a journalist for several major metro newspapers. She applies the same mindset to crafting content for leaders in healthcare, energy efficiency, nonprofits and higher education as the co-founder of Clarity Content, a brand communications agency. Fun fact: She has an identical twin who lives in Singapore.

Nash Propst

Producer & Audio Engineer

Nash Propst has Midwestern roots and a wandering heart. He moved to Portland in the fall of 2018 in search of a fresh start. After spending five years as a guitarist in Nashville and getting a healthy dose of the inner workings of the country music industry, it was time to head west and explore new frontiers. Nash spends most of his time in the event production industry utilizing his skills in audio and video presentation. His passions include guitars, amps and effects pedals, which you can usually find him tinkering on in his spare time. He is an aspiring powerlifter and plans to begin competing soon. Nash can usually be spotted at coffee shops around Portland with his 8-year-old Redbone Coonhound, Reba. 

Slade Sundar

Creative Director

Slade is a seasoned entrepreneur and a mentor for under-represented entrepreneurs (Women, People of Color, and LGBTQ+). Slade has 20+ years of startup leadership experience in Marketing, HR, Operations, Strategy, Sales, and Product Development.

Slade is the co-founder of with his sister, Dr. Kalpana Sundar, and is passionate about people being confident in their own skin and defining their own beauty in life. Through Kalvera, he is working to shift the beauty industry’s focus to skin health and mental well being.

Slade is also a self-trained illustrator and graphic artist, creating a range of art for fun and to help empower and inspire others on his Instagram