Maybe you follow him and his #communitybaby posts on Twitter.

Maybe you’ve wanted to grab a cup of coffee with him.

For whatever reason, you’ve resisted reaching out to Nate Frazier, a.k.a. the People’s Champion.

Well, here’s your chance – Coffee With Nate is a community-focused podcast that’s literally no different than Nate sitting down at Deadstock Coffee or Push X Pull with one of his homies. How does he describe it? “Come have coffee with a goofy ass knucklehead and his friends!” That works, too.


A Conversation w/ Anthony Ware Pt. 1 & 2

Anthony’s business, Aware Catalyst, helps underestimated startup founders use their mental wealth and company culture to leapfrog business norms and create new generational wealth.

A Conversation w/
Jack Phan

Nate is joined by the legend Jack Phan, a startup/entrepreneur/CEO icon in Portland (and beyond). Now serving as the entrepreneur in residence at Supermaker, Jack wasn’t quite sure what to expect coming in, but Nate (and Nash) set him at ease and showed him some love.

A Conversation w/
Elizabeth Dowell

Nate is blown away chopping it up with Elizabeth Dowell, the founder of Lark Academy, which is a “learner-centered nonprofit private high school committed to cultivating and empowering future innovators, designers, and entrepreneurs to become the global leaders and creators of their generation.”


833 SE Main St.
Portland, Oregon 97216