Could you start a business with your significant other? Would you?

Managing Partners is a podcast about the foibles and triumphs of couples in business together. Married small business owners and former journalists Jillian Cohan Martin and Jeffrey Martin are the hosts, engaging in conversations with other couples in similar situations that are raw, honest and entertaining. 


A Conversation w/
Talie & Scott Smith

Jill and Jeff are joined by Talie and Scott Smith of Smith + Connors, a strategic brand agency that positions organizations for growth. Topics include roles, the pandemic (duh) and stepping out of a shower and “all of the sudden, you’re in a meeting.” Seriously.

A Conversation w/
Jennifer Johnson & Carl Hickerson

Jill and Jeff are joined by Jennifer Johnson and Carl Hickerson of Trestle, an e-commerce company that helps consumers support businesses with missions and values that match their own. Topics include how hard it really is to start a business, going to couples therapy before problems arise and how they met – hint: swipe right.

A conversation w/ Genevieve & Dan Brazelton

Jeff and Jill sit down with Genevieve and Dan Brazelton of The Bitter Housewife, a line of artisanal cocktail bitters. Topics include why the CEO is not the boss, finding security in scale, and the decision not to call their first product “Brazelton’s Particular Elixir.” Also that time their first big order ended up with whiskey in the heating vents.

A conversation w/ Trista Okel & Michele White

Jill and Jeff chop it up with Trista Okel and Michele White of Empower BodyCare, a LGBTQ+ and woman-owned pioneer in the CBD industry. Topics include why “wife” can be a fraught term, how the cannabis business has changed in a short amount of time and, as always, the best part of being in business with your spouse. Oh, and another Tinder tale.

A conversation w/ Ayomide & Kian Nikzi

Ayo and Kian Nikzi of Portland Chocolate Laboratory join Jeff and Jill to talk shop. Literally, as in their Sellwood storefront Millieu, and figuratively, in fate calling their business into being. We touch on how the West ruined chocolate, why we all need some “woo” in our lives, and how running a business with your spouse lets you truly be yourself. Note: None of the statements in this podcast have been approved by the FDA. If you like to support Managing Partners, visit our Patreon page at


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